From Here to There

  • The health insurance industry needs to be told plainly and boldly that offering life-cycle health risk insurance is the only possible alternative to a government run health care system.
  • Those people who currently have health insurance would, at the contract renewal, have their current policy split into two policies: a non-cancelable lifetime-long health risk insurance, and a yearly health maintenance plan.
  • When signing-up those presently uninsured, insurance companies will face various risks. A one-time adjustment needs to be negotiated into the start-up of this system.
  • Life-cycle health insurance plans, in order to operate, need some cash resources that would accumulate gradually, but will be not available at the beginning. Some one-time government assistance might be needed to start this system.
  • A legal venue should be opened for seniors to migrate voluntarily from Medicare to the private insurance plans. Eventually, this should lead to lowering the burden that Medicare puts on the Federal budget.

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