The debate about health care reform is not about health care

In the report, that the President received from his Council of Economic Advisers, beginning on page 13 and following, we can read:

At a fundamental level, the inefficiencies stem from the fact that health care is very different from conventional goods and services. The markets for health insurance and medical care are classic examples of markets in which asymmetric information is important—that is, where one party to a transaction is likely to have more information than another. In health insurance markets, asymmetric information can lead to adverse selection, whereby individuals who know they are likely to have high health care costs are more likely to seek health insurance. Information asymmetries also lead to moral hazard, where insurance coverage may insulate patients from cost consciousness and promote unnecessary care.”
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The promise of pears on a willow tree

One week after posting my open letter asking for a concept in the health care reform bill, I received an email from President Barack Obama.

Several hours before my letter showed up on Huffington Post, I forwarded it to the White House, using the “contact us” form on their website. I thought that it would be nice to let them know about the letter before making it public. In the process, I revealed to them my personal email address. At this email address, I received a generic mailing from President Barack Obama a week later, with the subject line “What health insurance reform means for you”. Adding my email address to the White House spam list appears to be the only practical outcome of my open letter to President Obama.
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Where is the concept?

An open letter to President Obama regarding health care reform

Dear Mr. President,

I agree with your assertion that the health care crisis is an economic issue. We have the best doctors, the best hospitals, and the best drugs; however, they are out of reach for too many Americans. Costs have spun out of control. I commend your audacity in declaring this state of affairs as unsustainable, and your determination to reform it.
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